Bentley Coffee Table

The Bentley Table is a coffee table based on a photographic image of a snowflake taken by “Snowflake” Bentley. It is made of fused and sandblasted glass supported by an ebony wood base. It was created for a family for whom winter brings their favorite sport – skiing. The uniqueness of each snowflake was proven by the photographic work of Snowflake Bentley, who lived and worked in Jericho, Vermont in the late 1800’s. One of these images was selected to inspire a sandblasted pattern ranging in depth from 1/16″ to .75″. The variation in dimension creates depth of color and light across the piece. This pattern is also seen in the companion piece, the Bentley light fixture.



Dimensions: 42″diamenter x 17″ high

Glass Fabrication: Studio Ramp

Sandblasting: Juno Lachman

Wood base: Michael A. Smith

Photography: Michael Schmitt